CB Radios For Sale

 CB Radios For Sale

Used CB Radios For Sale - used cb radios are sold via ebay auctions only. 

Used CB Radios


Our used cb radios are sold via ebay auctions only. 

Used CB Radios for sale are both for those looking for a cheap cb radio, a classic that's no longer made today, or just a great deal on a flagship radio that's a little too expensive to purchase new.

Cheap, antique, collector pieces and related used cb radios and equipment are found at the link below, with affordable models starting at $10.00!  If you're looking for a great deal on the best, Flagship radios are often found less than 50% below their new pricing.  Also lastly, who can forget the classics, antiques, and those that you just want part of your collection such as the Browning Golden Eagle and the Cobra 2000 GTL base stations. 


View Our Inventory of Used CB Radios Below:

Browning Golden Eagle

Cobra 2000 GTL Base Station

Cobra 142 GTL Base Station

GE Superbase

Uniden President Washington

Uniden President Madison

Uniden Grant XL Mobile

Dak Mark 9

Dak Mark 10

Tram D201 and Tram D201A

Teaberry Stalker Base CB Radio

Excalibur SSB


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