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 Texas Ranger TRE-127SLE For Sale

Texas Ranger TRE-127SLE


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The Texas Ranger TRE-127SLE is chrome meets Ranger at its best!  The TRE127 SLE 40 channel AM CB is available with chrome knobs and a Silhouette face plate.  Quality and high performance with an affordable price tag.

 Maximum Performance

Ranger's newest high performance AM 40 channel CB radio offers high sensitivity and talk power. Along with many standard features, the TRE-127SLE offers the ANL/NB control to help reduce background noise. The radio also uses the 8719 PLL used in many other popular radios as well as a transformer coupled modulator. You will receive maximum talk power from this durable mobile CB.

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Features of the TRE-127SLE



Mic Gain

Allows full talk power to be available several inches from the microphone.


Reduces noise in mobile operation

PA/CB Switch

Switch to PA for use in emergencies

Ch. 19 Switch

Useful for instant switch to the information channel

RF Gain

Allows control to reduce gain of RF amplifier under strong signal conditions

Variable Talk Back

Allows adjustment of Talk Back audio level