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 CB Radios For Sale

Teaberry Stalker CB Radio For Sale

Teaberry Stalker CB Radio

Teaberry Stalker base stations are rare to find these days, due to limited availability and previous owners wanting to hang on to them.  On our website, we provide you a collection of some of the best used cb radios for sale, including the Teaberry Stalker line.  Most of this line was made in the last 1970s, therefore although a nice radio design, finding them is becoming harder and harder. 

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There are several Teaberry Stalker versions ranging from the Teaberry Stalker One through the XV.  Others in stalker series were the I, II, IV, X and the XX models.  The one and two, along with the IX, and XX models tend to be the most popular however.  The Stalker base stations are at the top of the Teaberry cb radio line and this series tends to have the best collection of features and generally comes with both AM and SSB.


The Teaberry Stalker XX for example, comes with a headphone jack, tone control, SWR meter, ANL/NB, AM/SSB as well as a clock, hold/scan switch, and mic gain!


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