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Superstar 121

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The Superstar 121 radio is a great value with 120 channels to choose from and high and low power output switch.  Instead of the standard 4 watts this export CB radio comes with 8 watts!  On top of that is comes with a switchable Roger Beep!  If you can live without SSB, it's probably the best value out there in the 10 meter and export market.  We also get many used models for sale as well, so if you are looking to buy one, you're at the right place.

As you can see by the picture, the Superstar 121 (or SS-122 for short) looks very similar to the standard Cobra radio by looking at the chassis.  This is because on the outside they are very similar, except for that fact the SS-121 it just does things that a Cobra CB transceiver does not!  These came in both a all black chassis and faceplate and with the standard silver face.  We do have these for sale at the link below.

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