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 CB Radios For Sale

Realistic CB Radios For Sale

Realistic CB Radios

Realistic CB Radios were a very popular brand made by Radio Shack.  Radio Shack made both a ton of awesome mobile TRC and base station Realistic navaho models over the years.  The Realistic brand actually came out with several AM and SSB mobile/base station radios, most of which actually had some incredibly high quality receive and transmit sound!  On this page you can find a link to some of the best Realistic CB Radios ever made for sale.

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For their time, Realistic CB Radios really came out with some advance features such as microprocessor and digital scanning technologies.  Radio Shack branded the Realistic name, however many of their models were actually made by Uniden.  Interestingly, in a way Uniden made some better radios under the Realistic name than under their own!

Just some of the popular Realistic CB Radios were the TRC-431 Navaho Base Station, the TRC-432 base, TRC-449 mobile, TRC-425, TRC-459 AM/SSB base, TRC-412, TRC-207 handheld, TRC 451 AM/SSB Mobile, TRC-414, TRC 492, TRC-457, and the TRC 495 base station.


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