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Robyn SB-520D Base Station For Sale

Robyn SB-520D

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The Robyn SB-520D cb radio is a top of the line AM and SSB base station from the late 1970s through 1980s.  This transceiver was very famous back in the day.  It had an option of either a black face or wood-grain style front faceplate.  Both front plates still had a black top and bottom cabinet however.  I remember back in the 1980s when everyone either wanted one of these or the president Washington AM/SSB base station.  In my opinion, the Robyn 520D was the better of the two, however not as many were made so it's more difficult to find one back then and especially now.  Below is a link for current Robyn SB-520Ds for sale.

Most cbers were very proud of their Robyn 520D cb radios and they indeed worked very well.  The were also very loud and clean sounding.  The older D104 lollipop mics were popular with this radio, however a turner microphone would often sound equally as loud if not better.  I just can't get over how much better made these radios were made back then.  The newer cb radios have just lost some of their magic.  Yes the 10 meter units today have more transmit power output, however this often doesn't matter as we usually ran an amp back then anyways..  Sometimes both a modulator and an amp were ran by the big strappers in town.

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