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 CB Radios For Sale

RCA Co Pilot CB Radios


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At one time, RCA CB Radios were a very popular brand that really shined through.  Actually, RCA, (which stands for Radio Corporation of America) used to be a leader in broadcast and radio electronics ranging from two way, broadcast, and AM radios, microphones and even down to tubes and the component level! 

RCA Copilot CB Radios were the top models made by RCA.  The Co-pilots actually included both 23 and 40 channel mobiles and base stations.  The RCA Co pilot series also had AM only along with several AM/SSB variations in their series. 

The RCA Copilot CB Radios had some longer model numbers than average, but they generally started with a 14TXXX.  Some of the popular Co pilot base stations and mobiles were the 14T270, 14T302, 14T303, and the 14T304. 


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