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 CB Radios For Sale

Motorola CM550 System 500 For Sale

Motorola CM550 System 500

The Motorola CM550 System 500 is probably the best receiver you'll ever find from a mobile cb radio!  It was made in the 70s, however if you've ever owned a Motorola Mocat or any of their Citizens band line, it's simply amazing how they hold up in terms of receiver sensitivity and low noise floors.  I've ran a few of these and was simply astounded by how I was able to pick up stations sometimes 3 to 5 miles farther away when using this over my regular, full sized base station!   

Motorola is leagues above even current manufacturers of citizens band radio equipment, as they also made and still make to this day some of the best commercial and business band gear you can buy!  The parts and design were simply better.  The have the standard output you would expect from a cb radio, however their receivers were simply better made than most and they hold up well!

There are still pleny of AM only Motorola Mocats, however very few of the SSB mobiles and base stations such as their System 500 series.