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Magnum Delta Force

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The Magnum Delta Force 10 meter transceiver (also classified as an export CB radio) is one of the better radios made by RF limited for both AM and SSB use!  It actually supports all modes to include FM as well.  It was an all digital display and came in both an orange and blue LED display.  It also comes with a whole host of useful features that both hams and CB operators tend to enjoy!

Some of the features that make the Magnum Delta Force export great were the split repeater capability, scanning features (to quickly find where the action is on the band), one of the better and most functional echo boards (already built in) which allows you to control both echo volume and timing, frequency tune steps can be changed from 1, 10, and 100khz (to suit your needs) and even last channel recall makes it stand out from most 10 meter and export CB radios on the market.  We specialize in both new and used Citizen Band equipment.  View all Magnum Delta Force radios for sale at the link below: 

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