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Galaxy Saturn Turbo CB Radio Base Station For Sale

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Galaxy Saturn Turbo For Sale


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The Galaxy Saturn Turbo is a legend among CB users as being one of the loudest and most powerful 10 meter and export radios ever made. Most of the ones you see for sale are able to put out 150 to up to 300 watts of RF power (depending on the mods and how they are tuned). They have some of the best audio and monster swing that makes anyone standby in awe of their loud, powerful audio.  

The Galaxy Saturn Turbo base station is technically a 10 meter, but they often come with the 11 meter band as well. This transceiver actually used the same board as the Ranger RCI 2950 and 2970 mobile models; however it's definitely a full sized and fully functional base station! It has dual full sized meters and knobs, and a large front firing speaker with a high power audio amplifier so hearing distant stations becomes an ease. If you're familiar with the Ranger RCI-2950 and RCI-2970, then you'll surely know all the features this base version also comes with.  

The knobs and all controls are solid and this one just begs to be keyed and put the local mud ducks on hold... lol. We specialize in both new and used ham and CB radio transceivers. View all Galaxy Saturn Turbo inventory for sale at the link below: 

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