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General Electric made some quality cb radios back in the day, and the GE Superbase (or Super Base) was one of the best base stations ever made, to this day!  Just looking at it's picture with all those cool buttons and features, makes nearly any CBer drool.

The GE Superbase radio came with many standard features, plus some unique extras.  The are one of the most desired used CBs for sale today, and hold their value very well!  The Superbase had all the standard features, plus many others that were rarely available such as AM, SSB, both a clarifier and RX tone control.  A digital clock, two large meters, but extras that generally only ham radios in the day had such as an A/B Antenna selector switch built in!  Also a high performance audio speech compressor for DX conditions!  You definately get a "fully-loaded" CB base station with this model!  Too bad GE along with JCPenny has stopped making Citizen Band radios, as they made some good ones back in the day!