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Cobra 29 LX For Sale

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Yes it's beautiful, the Cobra 29 LX is probably the best looking and neatest transceivers ever made by the company (well the Bluetooth model is pretty cool too).  The digital bar graph and channel readout is short of breathtaking and if you don't like the color, no sweat!  The display has 4 different colors you can change in a snap!  You have your choice of amber yellow, red, green, and even blue. 

Other than a futuristic and highly defined LED display, the Cobra 29 LX has some other unique features that sets it apart from most models in their lineup such as a built in clock with a timer and alarm built in!  I've seen a few base stations have an alarm clock, but this is a first out of a mobile CB radio that I know of!  It's built in diagnostics are by far superior to anything else on the market including it's ability both monitor and display your SWR readings, power output, plus your operating voltage!  It also has a scan features so if you like to know where the activity is, this one will let you know right away. 

The Cobra 29 LX transceiver also has the standard great features you normally find in the 29 LTD series such as weather channels, built in talkback, both instant channel 9 and 19, and more.  We specialize in both new and used CB radio equipment.  View all inventory for sale below:

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