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Cobra 25 WX NW ST CB Radio For Sale

Cobra 25 WX NW ST  

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The Cobra 25 WX NW ST is a small downsize from the 29 series, however the WXNW ST model comes with weather, nightwatch, and the infamous Cobra Soundtracker!  This isn't you're ordinary Cobra 25 LTD Classic, this is a step up with it's weather, night watch, and soundtracker features!

The Cobra 25 WX NW ST doesn't come with a RF gain control, however most will agree it's not really needed.  If you're trying to cut out the noise, than the squelch and possibly even the soundtracker feature is a better bet!  The squelch is a brickwall noise threshold limiter, whereas the Sound Tracker improves the signal to noise ratio of the received signal.