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Cobra 148 GTL AM/SSB CB Radio For Sale

Cobra 148 GTL For Sale

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The Cobra 148 GTL has had a long standing reputation and is currently the only single sideband mobile CB radio that the company makes and it has been tested as the standard for many years.  The company knows how to make Citizen Band transceivers last and this is one reason this model is still made to this day.

The Cobra 148 GTL combines the best of both worlds by adding the standard features you see in their 29 LTD series along with a fully functional SSB mode which makes it universal for both local and long distance communications needs.  The built in SWR meter, PA, tone control, voice lock (basically a fine tune clarifier for SSB mode) also come as standard controls and features. 

We are a dealer and specialize in used inventory as well, so we have a lot of options for those looking for AM/SSB mobiles such as the Cobra 148 GTL.  View all inventory for sale at the link below. 

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